Special Effects

When you think of Special Effects and Pyrotechnics:
War Movies, Fire, Big Explosions, Major Destructions come to mind.  

Planning a production that will use these Special Effects requires a heightened awareness of the safety elements involved and potential hazards.

Pyromania is committed to providing not only the highest possible standards but also in providing experienced and trained technicians.

Pyromania will provide positive and creative Special Effects solutions for Films, TV Drama’s & Commercials.

Below is a List of some of the Special Effects we can provide:         

  • Bullet Hits (Wall, Ground)
  • Blood Hits
  • Car Hits
  • Explosions (Car, House, Buildings)
  • Spark Hits
  • Propane Cannons
  • Air Cannons
  • Fire Effects (Camp Fires, Car Fire, House Fires)
  • Fireballs
  • Gas Flame Bars
  • Wind (From A Light Breeze To A Hurricane)
  • Smoke
  • Pyrotechnics

The size of the Effect is not a problem:
We can do 'BIG', we can do 'SMALL'
                       But we always do 'SAFE'!